We recognize that your privacy is very important and take it seriously.  Simply put, we will not knowingly use or share your information with anyone.

Edidur is a miniscule company, it's Me (Bill) and Molly.  We run all the things.  We wake up around 3am every day, do a hike (4 to 8 miles depending on the inclination), get home, do a few hours of writing, and then knuckle down and work on Edidur and it's associated stuff. 

Now don't get me wrong, like Google and Facebook, we are just as evil as they are, hell, probably more so (We are smarter for sure and more attractive).  But we just don't have time to engage in the tom-foolery that they can do, because they have so many people.  Rest assured, if we get to be the size of Facebook or Google, we will figure out a way to monetize you, sell your private data and generally screw with your private life.  But we aren't there yet, We will let you know.  Promise!

Cookies, please.  Of course we use cookies, there is no way to login to a system without a cookie or two being used.  Get over the cookie thing, they aren't going anywhere and you just sound paranoid.  If you decide to block our cookies (Pretty sure there are browser add-ins for that purpose) DO NOT come crying to Molly or I (Bill) when nothing does what it's supposed to do on Edidur.  

DATA!! It’s all about the data, baby. So. We store your data in a few different places and use it in a couple of different ways. You ready for this?

Here on this website! If you register with the site we will store your name and email address. If you buy stuff from us we will store your name, email address, address, phone number if you give it to us, and purchase history. Your payment details ARE NOT held on the site. We obviously go to the maximum effort to keep this data secure and only two people have access to it. Only one of them ever actually looks at it and that’s to solve any technical problems you might have.

We’ll be honest: we do absolutely nothing surprising or radical with your info.   Shocker!

Your Right to be Deleted.   You got rights, Baby!  I made it easy for you. Go to your profile, hit settings and look towards the bottom of the menu list - Delete Account.  It will scrub your Edidur presence as if your Mom never met your Dad.  Ciao.  It was fun knowing you. 

That about covers it.  Go ahead and send me an email if you are concernend about something not covered here.  I am sure it will be massively important, and not that you are too worried about silly crap that makes absolutely no difference.  But thats OK, we all worry about silly crap, isn't just about all of it silly crap?